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If you're looking for the complete catalogue listing of What's New on Netflix around the World ... this is it! There are new movies and shows being released on Netflix every day, but it's often hard to find them. This site is constantly checking for new releases around the world, and is updated numerous times a day. Perfect for users in any country but also for users of Netflix-country-switching systems.

Here's a sampling of new movies, tv shows, and original series released to Netflix today around the world, with the most recent arrivals at the top. Choose a country using the menu at the top for titles specific to a netflix region, and then check back often, as we are constantly updating the lists throughout the day.

Two detectives have 12 hours to recover a wooden statue of Lenin that was found on the shores of a small seaside town, erected, then mysteriously stolen.

Dramas, Crime Movies, Comedies, Independent Movies, Turkish
Director(s): Tufan Taştan
Actors: Barış Falay, Saygın Soysal, Nur Sürer, Salih Kalyon, Melis Birkan, Serdar Orçin, Hasibe Eren, Özgür Çevik, Binnur Kaya, Mustafa Kırantepe

In the murky world of global electronic waste, a lack of recycling, legal gray areas and ruthless businesses have resulted in a toxic dump in Ghana.

Political Documentaries, Documentary Films, Spanish, Social & Cultural Docs
Director(s): Juan Solera, Albert Juliá

After getting lost during a rally competition, two drivers find themselves in the bizarre company of an ex-designer obsessed with beauty and physique.

Comedies, Spanish
Director(s): Jordi Arencón
Actors: Armando del Río, Yanet García, Elvira Herrería, Raúl Herrera, Miguel Cazorla, Coral González, Ariadna Cabrol, Soledad Lasta, Desireé Pozos, Gemma Amorós, Iván Nieto, Fernando Caride

In this reality series, complete strangers meet and receive a diary holding the script to their very own love story. Will true romance follow?

With dreams of becoming a poet, a young man reunites with an old friend determined to help him succeed — even if it means getting into big trouble.

Comedies, Turkish
Director(s): Ömer Faruk Yardımcı
Actors: Ömer Başdoğan, Cemil Şahin, Suzan Aksoy, Çetin Altay, Salih Kalyon, Berrak Güvem, Nazlı Pınar Kaya, Onursal Yıldırım

At a rice omelet shop, Yui's group meets two Recipeppis before encountering the student council president. Afterward, Gentlu captures the Recipeppis.

This documentary follows the trans-Atlantic slave trade route from West Africa to the US, Brazil and the Caribbean in an exploration of Yoruba culture.

African Movies, Documentary Films, Nollywood, Social & Cultural Docs
Director(s): Toyin Ibrahim Adekeye

Transported to glittering Paris, a woman ghostwrites for her husband and, empowered by success, fights for her identity as a writer and freethinker.

Movies Based on Real Life, Social Issue Dramas, Dramas, Period Pieces, US Movies
Director(s): Wash Westmoreland
Actors: Keira Knightley, Dominic West, Fiona Shaw, Robert Pugh, Arabella Weir, Eleanor Tomlinson, Ray Panthaki, Shannon Tarbet, Aiysha Hart, Caroline Boulton, Denise Gough, Máté Haumann, Masayoshi Haneda, Al Weaver